Do you know what is broken heart syndrome?

The “broken heart syndrome” does not refer to the phrase we use when a person suffers from lovesickness. It is a condition of the heart that can affect many, even those who have not had or have strong emotional problems. For you to pamper yourself and take care of your heart, here we tell you what is the syndrome of the broken heart and how to relieve it.

Stories of broken hearts are in their thousands and fill complete pages of world literature. But sometimes these problems get out of books and manifest themselves in the body. It is not for nothing that feelings are related to the heart and not to the head. Thus, when someone has emotional problems, it is said that he has a bad heart or that he has a broken heart, not only because of a loving disenchantment, but also because of the death of a beloved family member, or because of having suffered a great dislike. .

How are these emotions transferred to the heart? For the so-called “broken heart syndrome” refers to a temporary form of acute heart failure , caused by a sudden weakening of the heart muscle, generally produced by strong emotions.

There are studies that corroborate this idea. There was one published in the specialized journal JAMA , according to which the so-called broken heart syndrome, also known as “stress cardiomyopathy”, could affect more people than previously thought.

So far, it was known that it usually happened to postmenopausal women , and that it was usually triggered by a deeply stressful event, such as emotional separation , domestic abuse (domestic violence) or the unexpected death of a loved one .

Since then, according to this study, it seems that this problem can also develop in younger adults, in men and even in people who can not identify any stressful event that caused it.

The term cardiomyopathy refers to diseases of the heart muscle, which increase the size of the heart or make it thicker and stiffer than normal.

Some people live healthy for a long time with a cardiomyopathy and others do not even realize they have it, but in some cases, this condition can make the heart less able to pump blood throughout the body.

When the heart can not pump blood to the entire body, it can cause serious problems, such as heart failure, abnormal heart rhythms ( arrhythmias ), fluid buildup in the lungs or legs, and an inflammation of the inner membrane of the heart. it calls endocarditis.

When the heart is enlarged due to strong emotions or sentimental problems, it is said to be a stress cardiomyopathy, which must be treated in the same way as any other heart problem to avoid major problems.

If you have had some loss or you have a very great suffering that does not go away, you can ask for psychological help to overcome this painful moment. Also, there are several techniques to combat stress , it is important that you try to reduce stress since it not only damages the heart but also other parts of the body.

Finally, remember that a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine are the perfect allies to maintain a healthy and strong heart for longer , to support even the most difficult moments. Cheer up!

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