Eye with false eyelashes!

If you want to look longer and curly lashes than you have, there is the alternative of putting false eyelashes or cosmetic eyelashes. However, this vanity craving does not come without its risks to the health of your eyes. Keep reading so you know.

Many people want to lengthen their eyelashes, make them look more plentiful or curl them. Lashes are undoubtedly a weapon of conquest that highlights the beauty of the look. I know cases of women who have cut them in the shape of a crescent moon so that they grow brighter and more abundant.

If you tried those legendary tricks and did not get the lashes you wanted, maybe you’ve already used the famous false eyelashes. While they are a valid tool to feel more beautiful, like all cosmetics , false eyelashes do not come without their risks.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recently warned that the use of false eyelashes can cause infections and allergies. The risks of using false eyelashes and adhesives (containing formaldehyde), with which they attach to the eyelid, can cause corneal infections (bacterial keratitis)and eyelid, inflammation (swelling) of the eyelid, also called blepharitis and temporary or permanent loss of the eyelashes.

An article published in the magazine Consumer Reports reports several cases that have presented infections and allergies in those who have used false eyelashes.

If despite these warnings about the danger of false eyelashes for the health of your eyes you insist on using them, keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Consult with a certified esthetician and work in a place with a good hygiene reputation .
  • Make sure that the beautician who is going to put your eyelashes, wash your hands well and comply with hygiene standards
  • Ask what are the ingredients that have the adhesives with which the false eyelashes are fixed.

If you have an allergic reaction or an infection in the eyes as a result of the use of false eyelashes or other cosmetic products , immediately visit an ophthalmologist. The health of your eyes is much more important than any cosmetic whim.

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