How to help your child with ADHD at school

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects the ability to concentrate in children. It also makes them restless and elusive to pay attention to a certain task. What can you do to help a child with ADHD to do better in school? Here I give you some tips.

If you have a son or daughter who has a hard time concentrating, who seems to be always nervous, passes from one activity to another without completing what has started, is easily distracted, loses and forgets things, always interrupts when others speak and not can wait, is likely to suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

While it is normal for children to be restless and forget their tasks from time to time, if they suffer from ADHD, they can affect their emotions, their performance in school, their functioning at home and how they relate to others. Having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD can interfere in the learning capacity of those who suffer from this medical condition, because it will be very difficult to concentrate and study.

If your son or daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and is already in school, it may be helpful to take note of some tips to help you cope with this stage without so many setbacks . Remember that your help and patience is the key.

  • Communicate openly with your child’s teachers to inform them of your child’s homework and progress. They can establish a weekly routine of checking the topics seen at school and how many assignments were completed on time.
  • Enrolling in an extra-curricular activity can help your child think about something else beyond school and increase their self-esteem. Children with ADHD need to feel that they can be good at some particular activity. Art, sports or music can be ideal for your child to recover their self-esteem and validate their ability to excel.
  • At the time of doing homework, create a space without noise where your child can be alone and without distractions to complete it. Children with ADHD respond well to schedules, perhaps because they need more structure. So you do not get distracted and do not get bored, you can have him do the homework in short periods of time with some breaks that do not include television or video games. It is key that to perform some great task or activity you divide the time so that it looks like a series.
  • If the morning is crazy for your child to arrive at school on time, I suggest you make notes with simple instructions that you can follow. For example: 1. Bathe and dress; 2. Have breakfast; 3. Brush your teeth. You can use your creativity and invent characters or drawings to make it more fun.
  • If your child takes medication for ADHD and suspects that it is causing side effects such as stomach discomfort, changes in appetite and / or sleeping problems, consult your doctor so you know if it is necessary to Adjust the dose, change the medicine or stop the medications for a while. (But do not do anything without consulting the doctor).

Consult with your doctor (if necessary consult another specialist) and lean on the teachers or teachers of the school to help your child to be up to date with their homework and projects. Remember that having ADHD is not considered a delay in learning (that is, it does not affect intelligence), so do not let it fall behind a grade in school, but work as a team so that your child is a successful student .

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